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Wrongful death and heart attacks in Maryland Can you sue?

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June 17th, 2016

Heart attacks must be treated within one hour since the onset of symptoms to reduce the muscle death and scarring. Any misdiagnosis of a heart attack could be fatal. In the US, more than 10,000 people die of misdiagnosed heart attacks each year. If a loved one has suffered a wrongful death as a result of a heart attack in Maryland, you have to option of suing the medical team. With the help of a personal injury lawyer from Maryland, you will access the experience needed to prove the wrongful death and receive wrongful death compensation in Annapolis

Who is responsible for the misdiagnosis?

Most malpractice claim in the US are the result of missed and delayed diagnosis. Between 24 and 63 percent of the claims are directed against primary care doctors who misdiagnosed a condition. Primary care physicians could also misdiagnose the symptoms of stroke because they are often confused with migraines. Heart attacks are part of the most misdiagnosed condition in adults. What is worse is that if you wait too long to treat heart attack, after 48-72 hours the outcome of the victim will cease to improve. If a medical care professional gives a wrong diagnosis and the person dies, their family could file a wrongful death lawsuit in MD and the outcome will most likely be wrongful death compensation in Annapolis. With the help of you Annapolis injury lawyer, you could prove the negligence and carelessness of the person responsible.

Heart attacks and strokes could also be misdiagnosed by:

  • Attending doctors or staff
  • Consulting Cardiologists
  • Medical student interns
  • Emergency room doctors
  • Physician's assistant
  • Triage or ER nurses
  • Lab technicians
  • Urgent care center physicians
  • EMTs and paramedics

How does one give a misdiagnosis?

It is crucial to realize when your doctor does something wrong if you want to take legal action. Wrongful death as a result of heart attack in Maryland can occur when the physicians:

  • Misdiagnose another condition, like heartburn and not a heart attack or vertigo or seizures instead of a stroke.
  • Do not recognize the heart attack or stroke symptoms.
  • Do not order the necessary tests to recognize heart attack (coronary angiography and computer tomography arteriogram).
  • Fail to follow up on the test.
  • Misread the MRI, EKG, blood tests, carotid ultrasound and other lab results.

If the physician failed to recognize the heart attack symptoms and, as a result, a loved one has died, then you could file a wrongful death lawsuit in MD with the help of an Annapolis injury attorney.

How to obtain unlawful or misdiagnosis compensation

There are two ways in which you can receive compensation for malpractice and wrongful death. You can either file a civil lawsuit or settle the claim out of court with the help of your Annapolis injury lawyer. The lawsuit must be filed within two years after the incident. Your attorney will gather all the documents, information, and specialists needed to prove the liability of the health care provider.

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