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Your legal options in case of a car battery explosion injury in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

There are two main reasons why a car battery explodes - either the battery has suffered physical damage, or the product was defective. This is valid for any batteries, not necessarily car batteries. Any battery from a laptop, cell phone, electronic cigarette and others can harm people if they explode. But if you suffered from a car battery explosion injury in Maryland, it is essential to have the documentation to support your claims. That is why it is best to contact a car injury lawyer from Maryland who is familiar with this type of cases if you want to receive a car injury compensation in MD.

Today, we are more and more dependent upon power consumption. As of 2010, more than 1.015 billion motor vehicles are being used in the world (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, etc.). While people think that batteries are safe, in reality, if the battery has suffered a manufacturing defect of has a defective design it can cause a violent explosion, often resulting in severe burns and other personal injuries. In addition to this, the car battery is full of acid, and if it explodes all the acid will blast on your face, causing additional injuries.

Common injuries caused by car battery explosions

There are a lot of cases of injuries resulted from car battery explosions. Most cases will end with a settlement between the person injured and the automobile manufacturer and/or the battery manufacturer. And these cases will settle with at least $500,000. But this is not the most important aspect.

People who suffer a car battery explosion injury are most of the time injured to the face (scars resulted from the acid, sometimes even loss of vision), and wounded to the hands (loss of fingers, scars from battery acid and shrapnel). The explosion of a car battery is violent and can even kill a person. The car injury treatment in Annapolis in not cheap. That why you should avoid working with the car battery as much as possible. If you have suffered from a battery explosion, you should contact a car injury attorney from Annapolis.

Causes of car battery explosions

The typical car battery is the 12-vold lead-acid batteries. These types of batteries have six two-volt chambers that contain an individual grid of lead plates submerged in sulphuric acid. When the acid reacts with the grid of lead plates, they generate electricity.

The explosion results from the hydrogen that is generated when a battery is in use or when it is charged. If any sparks occur near the battery, or from the battery itself, it will cause an explosion.

Another reason can be a faulty design or a manufacturer error. And with the help of a car injury attorney from Annapolis you will find the culprit and make them take responsibility for your car battery explosion injury in Maryland.

If you suffered from a car battery explosion and had undergone a car injury treatment in Annapolis, you should contact a lawyer to defend your cause and help you receive a car injury compensation in MD. Contact the best car injury lawyer in Maryland at:

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