Signs that may indicate that a loved one has suffered a sexual abuse in Maryland

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Any single sexual assault sign does not mean that a loved one has been the victim of such a crime. But if you observe they are showing multiple signs, you can begin by asking questions and think about getting some help. Sexual abuse in Maryland is a serious crime. With the support of a personal injury lawyer from Maryland, your loved one will get justice, and the person responsible will pay for their crimes.

Keep in mind that it is possible for some of these signs to appear at other stressful times, such as:

  • Death of a family member
  • Problems with friends or at school
  • During divorce
  • Other anxiety-causing or traumatic events

Behavior changes you can see in a child or teenager

Children or adolescents who were the victims of sexual abuse may show the following sexual abuse signs.

  • Nightmares or sleep problems without explanation
  • Sudden changes in their eating habits, like refusing to eat, loss of appetite, or trouble swallowing
  • Seems distant or distracted
  • Sudden mood swings, like fear, insecurity, rage, or withdrawal
  • Refusal to talk
  • Talk about a new friend that is older
  • Suddenly has new toys, gifts, or money without a reason
  • Thinks of self-harm
  • Thinks their body is dirty or repulsive
  • Exhibits adult-like language, knowledge, and behavior

The sexual abuse victim rights in MD state that if a person was sexually assaulted, they have the right to an Annapolis injury lawyer to help them receive the justice they deserve. According to the sexual abuse victim rights in MD, the child sexual abuse is illegal under the federal law.

Sexual abuse signs typically seen in younger children

Your child may show different signs of sexual assault depending on his or her age. If they are younger than ten years old, they may:

  • Have new words that describe private parts
  • Acting younger than they are (such as thumb-sucking or bed-wetting)
  • Ask other children to act sexually or play different sexual games
  • Be reluctant to remove their clothes at appropriate times (bed, bath, diapering, toileting)
  • Mimics adult sexual behaviors with stuffed animals or other toys

If your child is showing a combination of these signs, you should contact your Annapolis injury attorney.

Signs that are typical for adolescents

Teenagers tend to emerge different sexual abuse signs, including:

  • Self-injuring
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Running away from home
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Inadequate hygiene
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Suicide attempts
  • Compulsive dieting or eating
  • Fear of intimacy

Physical warning signs

  • Discoloration, pain and bleeding of genitals, anus or mouth
  • Wetting or soiling accidents that are not related to toilet training
  • Recurring or persistent pain during bowel movements or urination

The physical, sexual abuse signs are relatively rare. But if you do observe these signs, you should take your loved one to the doctor and call your Annapolis injury lawyer. The doctor will help you understand what happened and perform a sexually transmitted disease test. The Annapolis injury attorney will contribute to proving in court that the assault took place.

For more information about sexual abuse, you can contact the best personal injury lawyer from Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or by email: [email protected].

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