Symptoms and Treatment for a Bicycle Injury to the Groin in Maryland

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Groin injuries are tricky to diagnose and a great inconvenience for athletes, especially if they do not resolve the problem. This type of injury is common in sports, such as soccer, martial arts, hockey, ski, and cycling. Suffering from a bicycle injury to the groin in Maryland can be the result of overuse of the proximal thigh and lower abdominals or because of a bike accident. If the injury you suffered resulted from the collision with a vehicle, you should contact a personal injury lawyer from Maryland. Together with an Annapolis injury lawyer you can file a cyclist injury claim in Annapolis and receive bike injury compensation in MD.

What causes the groin injury?

The overuse or repetitive use of the proximal thigh and lower abdominals can cause groin pain. The groin injury can receive a different diagnosis. Most of the pain that comes from that area can be a muscle strain, contusion or tendonitis. Groin pain can be the result of the lumbar spine, neural entrapment, osteitis pubis, sports hernia, and many others.

Acute groin pain can arise from a bicycle-vehicle collision, because of the rapid change of direction. Even athletes that are physically trained can suffer groin pain. If you were involved in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, contact your Annapolis injury lawyer.

Most professional cyclists suffer from groin pain

Sitting on the seat of the bicycle can cause the compression of the blood vessels and nerves in that area of your body (the perineum area). This sensible area is located between the base of the penis and anus in male and between the vagina and anus in the female. The damage to this area can lead to swelling, nerve damage, artery insufficiency, occlusion of the blood vessels, pain, erectile dysfunction, and permanent or temporary groin numbness. Studies show that 65 percent of cyclists who ride more than 250 miles per week suffer from groin numbness, of which 19% suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Bicycle crashes cause groin problems

If too much stress is exerted on the groin area, it could cause muscle tears or strains. In an impact between a bicycle and a vehicle, the force of the impact and the fall can cause many injuries, including groin injuries. If that happens, you should visit a physician as soon as possible. The injuries you suffered could be resolved through treatment and lot of rest. But in some cases, the treatment for groin injuries requires long recovery that may cost a lot of money. With the help of an Annapolis injury attorney, you can file a cyclist injury claim in Annapolis, and with the bike injury compensation from MD you receive, you can get the treatment you need.

Groin injury home treatments

  1. If you suffer a groin injury, it is crucial to protect the sensitive groin area for up to 2 weeks. Take a break from any activity that could stress the groin area.
  2. With the help of a cold or ice pack, you will reduce the swelling and pain. You just have to apply the cold ice pack for up to 20 minutes, three times a day. Be careful of frostbite and place a cloth between your skin and the ice.
  3. You can wear special underwear that supports the injured area, such as jockey shorts (men) and workout underwear (female).

It may take up to 6 weeks for a minor groin injury to heal. You can start after the fourth week with easy stretching exercises to slowly return to normal activities.

Sometimes, the damage resulted from a bicycle-vehicle crash is permanent and requires continuous therapy. With the help of an Annapolis injury attorney, you can get the funds needed for your treatment.

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