What should you expect from a medical malpractice trial in Maryland?

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The medical malpractice trial in Maryland is the culmination of a lawsuit process. Once the case goes to trial, the pre-trial investigation could last for months or years in an attempt to prove the liability of the party that caused your injury. With the help of a personal injury lawyer from Maryland, the pre-trial period will be shortened as much as possible, and you will have the evidence needed for your medical malpractice claim in Maryland.

Trial preparation

In general, the parties will disclose the medical expert witness who will be called to testify. For medical malpractice defendants, the expert is a physician that will explain how the defendant breached the standard of care. Other witnesses will be gathered to testify on how the injury has affected your daily life. It is most likely that you will be called as a witness as well. Your Annapolis injury attorney will bring you the expert needed to support your medical malpractice claim in Maryland. This will increase your chances of proving the liability of the defendant and receive medical malpractice compensation in MD.

Most of the time medical malpractice cases will end in a negotiated settlement. But even if the trial starts, there is a possibility of your case ending with an agreement. Your Annapolis injury lawyer is obligated to bring you all the settlement offers they receive, and if you feel that you are well compensated,  you can take it anytime you want (until the end of the trial).

Medical malpractice trial in Maryland

The trial will begin with the selection of a jury. The jury selection process in known as voir dire and can vary from courtroom to courtroom. Judges could allow your Annapolis injury lawyer to question the potential jurors directly, but some judges do not permit this.

Once the jury for your malpractice trial is selected, the parties will present their opening statements. This is when your Annapolis injury attorney will give the jury an overview of your case. The defendant’s lawyer will also present their opening statement, telling the jury that the doctor did nothing wrong and that your case has no merit. After the conclusion of the opening statements, your Annapolis injury attorney will call the expert medical witness or witnesses to offer their expertise (depending on the complexity of your case). This stage of the trial could last for hours, days or weeks, just enough for all the witnesses to testify for your case.

When both parties rest their case, the closing arguments will commence. This is quite similar to the opening arguments, but they are designed to emphasize the strengths of your case. When both statements are finished, the judge will instruct the jury to reach a verdict.

If you were the victim of medical malpractice, you might be entitled to medical malpractice compensation in MD. Contact the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or at email us at [email protected] for a free consultation of your case.

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